Briefly in English

About us

Hervannan Yrittäjät is an association of entrepreneurs based in the suburb of Hervanta in the city of Tampere. The association has ties to the Federation of Finnish Enterprises (Suomen Yrittäjät) and the Federation of Pirkanmaa region Enterprises (Pirkanmaan Yrittäjät). Hervannan Yrittäjät is an advocacy and interest group of entrepreneurs and businesses in Hervanta region.

What we do:

·        support co-operation of enterprises in Hervanta, Rusko and Vuores regions
·        provide business guidance
·        share information on enterprises and business activities
·        organize meetings, lectures and educational events
·        organize leisure-time activities

We are a non-political organization. We have about 240 members from all sizes and fields of business. By joining a local entrepreneurs´ association, you get a membership in the regional and national organizations as well. So your company is entitled to the benefits offered by the Pirkanmaa region Enterprises ( and the Federation of Finnish Enterprises ( The easiest way to get information about all the membership benefits is to visit the websites of these organizations. The website of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises offers you plenty of information in English, too.

We are looking forward to welcoming you and your business as a member!

Becoming a member is easy. Please fill in the membership application form on our website. You will be sent a new member´s letter about a week later after we have received your message, and shortly after that you will receive a membership invoice along with your membership card. The membership fee is tax-deductible and the amount depends on how many employees you have. The number of employees includes the entrepreneur and other full-time employees. Further information on how to become an entrepreneur in Finland (guide material in English, Swedish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, French and Finnish):