4.5.2017 klo 14:37

2nd Business Date was held in modern, well-lit Strindberg Bakficka

HEI Network's second Business Date gathered a fascinating group of professionals from all over the world, settled and doing business in Helsinki. While waiting for the program to start, we learned that some of us study, some are employed, and some are internationally orientated Finnish entrepreneurs. HEI Business Dates are perfect for this type of people to mingle and learn global strategies.

Our first speaker was Alessia Pandolfi from Virtualalessia, a virtual business assistant with a pre-Finland background of project coordination, social media and e-mail marketing in Russia, Ukraine and Malta. Alessia provided us with plenty of tips on how to manage e-mail marketing. She reminded us that e-mail lists are a valuable asset to a company. Anything we give to our customers or leads needs to be of good quality, even when we offer them freebies. Marketing should focus on making our target groups’ lives easier. When giving a discount, make it for a short time only, e.g. 8 or 24 hours. Thank you, Alessia – You’ll receive your reward roses next time!

Founder and CEO of TWID Oy Jari Kaitera has extensive knowledge of the software industry, digital online training & coaching solutions, social media and marketing software. Jari took us on a breathtaking trip to learn about webinars. Jari told us that after doing webinars for eight years he learned that there was still a lot to learn! Now is the right time to do webinats, and you need to go online. ”Don’t give all knowledge for free while coaching. Tell your audience that you have more data but that the time is limited and you’ll tell more in the next PRO webinar.” This is the way to earn something, too. Jari advised us to choose the most interesting topic, match it with our customers’ problems, test the result with a Facebook survey, for example, and to finish the first webinar quickly and effectively. Then measure the results and do it again. Jari has the tools and techniques to teach us more, and we are welcome to his services whenever necessary.

These two presentations revealed the miracles of modern marketing.With the help of some sparkling wine and we spent the rest of the date learning about each other and our businesses. Networking and changing ideas is a fruitful playground for entrepreneurs.

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Text: Raija Lehtinen
Photo: Alexandra Stromberg