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KUVAT: Sabarnan kotialbumi
4.11.2022 klo 11:23

”There are vast amount of business opportunities” – an Indian family bought a business in Lapland

Sabarna Bhattacharya and Argho Mukherjee were looking for business opportunities in Finland until they found a suitable business in Posio. It was preceded by countless contacts all over Finland.

 I have heard on different social media platforms that the Finnish people are reserved and introverted but I found it quite the opposite. They are very much welcoming, helpful and always take the first initiative to get introduced, says Sabarna Bhattacharya.

Sabarna’s family is from India. The family includes Sabarna’s husband Argho Mukherjee and daughter Arna Mukherjee. Both parents studied at the University of Wales: Argho studied his MBA in finance and Sabarna studied her BA in English Literature.

The family’s vision was to buy a company in Finland. They randomly sent messages around the country until contact was taken seriously in Lapland. After that, help was available quickly.

– From the day one we were genuinely guided in every possible way, suggested different businesses, introduced to different people or organizations that help forward.

“Lapland requires aggressive marketing”

Once the family had visited Posio and their target company, they realized that there are endless opportunities for various business in Lapland, even outside of traditional industries such as tourism or forestry and mining industry.

– I believe Finnish Lapland has very good infrastructure and all the potentials to attract entrepreneurs and investors. Concerned authorities or organizations need to compare, analyse and identify possibilities of what new industries or sectors can accommodate in this region and what type of facilities they can be provided, Sabarna ponders.

According to Sabarna, aggressive marketing is required so that entrepreneurs and investors are aware of the opportunities that exist in Lapland.

– I am hopeful that more and more entrepreneurs will take initiative and come forward to set-up new industries or run businesses in this beautiful region.

In Finland the family was surprised about the pristine environment, serenity of Kitkajärvi and pure and crystal-clear drinking water from any sources. 

When help is available no problem seems too big

Sabarna emphasizes that the biggest help in the acquisition has been from the people who have supported in the process. She lists fellow entrepreneurs, experts in changes of ownership and finance and business management, customers and locals.

– All of them are so helpful and welcoming that as a newcomer in this region I never felt any issues would be too big for me to deal with.

Even communicating without Finnish language skills is not a problem but rather a matter of attitude.

– I believe that, sometimes there may be difficulties communicating with locals for someone who doesn’t know Finnish language. But again, it depends on the individual how fast they may grasp the language. Daily communication with the locals and attending online classes may be helpful.

Why choose Finland as an ideal destination for investment and business

This question is often asked.

– There are a lot of reasons behind our decision, Sabarna says.

– Finland, as a nation, thrives on innovation and collaboration, renowned for offering a vibrant and friendly start-up ecosystem. Moreover, the support, guidance and encouragement provided by the Finnish Government through different agencies like ‘Business Finland’, ‘Business Rovaniemi’, ‘Lapin Yrittäjät’, (we would like to mention here about the interview of Dr. Thomas Thottungal a dentist and entrepreneur, which inspired us a lot), ‘Finnvera’ and others to the entrepreneurs on all levels is unmatchable. 

– Furthermore, the stability and security help to thrive the Business environment in this country. Last but not the least, Finland offers a great environment for families. No wonder, why Finland remains in the top position in ‘Ease of Doing Business’ consistently for a long period and it remains a favourite destination for entrepreneurs from the different parts of the globe.

Help for business investment in Finnish Lapland

Seppo Selmgren

Lapin Yrittäjät

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